Making Wine

How wines get made

In these pages, I'll run through how we make wines. It is pretty top level, as we do reserve particular tweaks for individual wines, but it gives you an idea of all the steps that go into making wine, and might answer the question "what do you do all year once the grapes have been picked?"

Winemaking has a few key steps common to all wines. What I'll do here is explain the key stuff, then explain more of the intricate details later. And remember, if you do have a question about anything, send us a message via the Contact Us page and I'll try and answer.

I'll be releasing these as I write them, so come back and see how far I get. The working titles are listed below, and I'll add more as I get around to it, or as suggestions come in. Over time, I'll make them really slick and add some pictures (if I can find good ones, otherwise you'll have to make do with the ones I take).

First, grow the grapes...

Red or white, it is only skin deep!

Pick em, squash em, let the yeast do the work

Maturation (taming the unruly little blighters into mature, rounded individuals)

Bottling, like their 21st birthday - leave home and get drunk (responsibly)

Ageing gracefully (in bottle)

The speciality of the house - sparkling wines

All good things come to those who wait - fortified winemaking

Other stuff

This will be a compilation of things as I think of them, so some fairly random topics! I may also use this to get more technical than the pages above.

Preservatives in wine