Our Labels

The fabulously bright and eye catching labels of the Boutique & Alumni wine ranges have been created by CSU Alumnus, Tony Curran.  Tony has a PhD (Fine Art) from Charles Sturt University, and was commissioned to create labels that capture the essence of the wines and to reflect student life. 

Tony was an Archibald Prize finalist in 2015 with his entry entitled "Luke".


"Wine, like art, is a pleasure and pleasure is an essential part of life. Pleasure is how people calibrate their feelings in the world. When we experience pleasure it shapes how we can feel.

My research at Charles Sturt University looked at how one can translate the pleasure of being in the presence of another person, into the medium of paint – how can one convey that person’s energy, dynamism, brightness – how they make you feel in the forms of colour, shape, tonality and structure.

I knew that wine could be described in colour, shape and texture because what we feel translates across the senses. I know this because I’ve solved so many of my painting blocks by listening to the jazz music of Miles Davis and the experimental electronica of Jean-Michel Jarre in the studio. Finding something that can make us feel allows us to feel more fully and be more aware of those feelings.

In the labels for this series of wines, the tastes are conveyed through colour, shape, texture and structure. The lightness and sweetness of flavour is conveyed through tone and colour. The fizz of a prosecco or the spritz of a young wine is effervescently pixelated. The dominance, roundness or sharpness of flavour is translated as shapes, the relationships of flavours are translated as the contrasts and edges of shapes and their colours abutting one another or softly overlapping.

The structural completeness or incompleteness of the label also connotes something important. Some artworks, like wines leave you wanting more and others satisfy after one look or glass. This completeness is reflected in the label so that you can get a sense of which wine will work for you. Look at the label and if it feels right, my hope is that the wine will correspond to that same kind of feeling."

 Dr Tony Curran